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Texts and talks

Lecture about Listening to Music
Lecture about Listening to Music - performance with Stephanie Schoiswohl and Ana Ostojic

It’s not about you: do we still need an ‘artistic voice’?

This article considers the possibility that the emphasis we place on composers developing an artistic voice might be unhelpful for making good pieces. Read here...

Where are we now?

A 2018 article offering generalised reflections on current aesthetic interests and values within the new music field, published in Tempo journal. Read here...

The Automaton Approach

A 2016 article responding to Jennifer Walshe’s The New Discipline manifesto about performativity in new music, published in MusikTexte. Read English version here...

Cage’s Place in the Reception of Satie

A 1999 paper I wrote as part of my doctoral studies. Read here...

Real World Sound in Relational Music

Transcript of a talk I gave in 2014 about composing with recognisable recorded real-world sound. Read here...

Music Without Borders

Transcript of a talk I gave in 2012 that proposes a broadening out of the way we think about critical thinking in new music. Read here...

Interview with Thomas Meadowcroft: Disasters, homesickness and radio

I interviewed Thomas in 2021 about his latest radiophonic work, Turnback Burnback. Read here...

Portrait of Alexander Schubert

Written for the 2015 Wein Modern programme book. Read here...

Presentation for QUOROM Queen Mary University

Presentation for QUORUM Queen Mary University, Drama department research Seminar (with Nefeli Skarmea and Serge Vuille).

Presentation for Verband für Aktuelle Musik Hamburg

Interviews and radio

Composer Conversations

Interview with Daniel Vezza for Composer Conversations.

Deutschlandradio Kultur

Programme about my work for Deutschlandradio Kultur (May 2013) presented by Johannes Kreidler.

Interview with Ophir Ilzetzki

An Hour with Matthew Shlomowitz. Listen here...