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Upcoming and recent performances

The Farmer
The Farmer - Computer Collage by Mark Seabrook
Letter Pieces 2007+ Open-score pieces for performer (e.g. dancer, live-artist, actor) and musician (vocal or any instrument).
  • Gnesin Contemporary Music Week, Moscow, Russia 15 October 2021
  • Maria Mupez and Cristina Arco Cano
    • Musik Akademie Basel, Switzerland 20 January 2021
    Graveyard Slot (with guest appearance) 2019 20 minutes Quartet for alto saxophone, electric guitar, drum kit (with MIDI pads) and synthesiser (with samples) For Ensemble Nikel
    Ensemble Nikel
    • Klangzeit, Münster, Germany 24 September 2021
    Fast Medium Swing 2008 10 minutes For solo piano, 3 instruments and sampler.
    Ensemble Garage
    • Kulturbunker Mühlheim, Köln, Germany 11 April 2021
    Left, Right, Up, Down, Pogo 2013 7 minutes For solo flute For Manuel Zurria
    Manuel Zurria
    • Festival Camino Contro Corrente, Italy 7 March 2021 [online]
    Lecture about Bad Music 2015 40 minutes For lecturer, clarinet, electric guitar, synthesiser and violin
    Commissioned by Ultima Festival
    Markus Weiss (lecturer) and students of Musik Akademie Basel
    • Musik Akademie Basel, Switzerland 20 January 2021
    Logic Rock 2013 7 minutes For guitar and drum kit For Toon Callier and Jeroen Stevens
    Commissioned by bESIdES
    Francesco Palmiere and Guillem Serrano
    • Musik Akademie Basel, Switzerland 18 January 2021