Cannot Not
Profile CD with asamisimasa launched on all that dust label.

Upcoming and recent performances

The Farmer
The Farmer - Computer Collage by Mark Seabrook
Lecture about Bad Music 2015 40 minutes For lecturer, clarinet, electric guitar, synthesiser and violin
Commissioned by Ultima Festival
Ensemble Offspring
  • Glebe Town Hall, Sydney, Australia 13 December 2018
Popular Contexts, Volume 6 2013 23 minutes Trio for vibraphone, drum-kit and sampler keyboard
Commissioned by MaerzMusik, Speak Percussion with support from Julian Burnside
United Instruments of Lucilin
  • Rainy Days, Luxembourg 17 November 2018
Left, Right, Up, Down, Pogo 2013 7 minutes For solo flute For Manuel Zurria
Manuel Zurria
  • Angelica Festival, Bologna, Italy 22 October 2018
Petra Slottová
  • impuls MinuteConcerts, Graz, Austria 26 May 2018
Letter Pieces 2007+ Open-score pieces for performer (e.g. dancer, live-artist, actor) and musician (vocal or any instrument).
Ars Nova Ensemble
  • Sound Spaces, Malmö, Sweden 8 June 2018
Ensemble Lemniscate
  • ilSUONO festival, Città di Castello, Italy 18 July 2018
Ensemble Offspring
  • Backstage Music, Sydney, Australia 19 July 2018
  • Open Space, Darmstadt Summer Courses, Germany 27 July 2018
Earth Breeze Smoke 2008 11 minutes For 2 recorders.
Commissioned by The Bruges Concertgebouw
Tomma Wessel and Ines Rasbach
  • Gentse feesten, Belgium 22 July 2018
Fast Medium Swing 2008 10 minutes For solo piano, 3 instruments and sampler.
  • Strenge Kammer @ Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria 12 June 2018
Zafraan Ensemble
  • Gare du Nord, Basel, Switzerland 4 May 2018